a tribute to The Beatles

The revolutionary spirit of the 60s

LINE UPline up

  • Massimo Gerini (John)
  • Brizio Romagnoli (Paul)
  • Riccardo Scarponi (George)
  • Mauro Cimarra (Ringo)
  • Gabriele Chiappa (special guest Billy Preston)


For over a decade, The Ladders have been performing the greatest masterpieces of the BEATLES across Italy, garnering a devoted following. Adapting to any setting, they curate their performances with the perfect blend of instruments, stage attire and vocal harmonies, delivering a repertoire that includes the most iconic tracks in music history. From the energetic rhythms of early rock 'n' roll to the timeless melodies of the Fabs, they authentically revive the spirit and essence of the legendary '60s.

Among the many collaborations, we mention CaterRaduno di Radio2, Parco dei Principi in Rome, Summarte in Naples, Salso Meets the Beatles, BeatleSenigallia, Coverland in Porto San Giorgio, significant Italian companies such as Ariston Thermo and Franciacorta and also NextUp Comedy (UK), Radio Parkstad (NL) and many others, up to the legendary Cavern Club.

The Ladders - Beatles tribute 30s Promo 2024

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