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  • Massimo Gerini (John)
  • Brizio Romagnoli (Paul)
  • Riccardo Scarponi (George)
  • Mauro Cimarra (Ringo)
  • Gabriele Chiappa (special guest Billy Preston)

BIOAbout us

The Ladders is an Italian Beatles tribute band established in 2011 by a group of professional musicians with extensive experience both in Italy and abroad. Over the years, they had performed at numerous Beatles-themed events and locations. Some highlights include: - Salso Meets The Beatles Festival in Salsomaggiore Terme, where they headlined. - Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa in Rome: They were special guests at the “Fab Four Night” in 2017 and performed for “New Year's Eve with the Beatles” in 2019. They were also hosted in the same room where the Beatles stayed during their only tour in Rome in 1965. - Coverland Festival in Porto San Giorgio. - CaterRaduno 2022 promoted by the Caterpillar broadcast on Radio2. - Beatlesenigallia Festival 2022 and 2023. - Many important venues such as Geronimo's Pub in Rome, House of Rock in Rimini, Summarte Theatre in Naples and many more.

In addition to their live performances, The Ladders have created numerous video covers of Beatles songs on Youtube, gaining a global following. Some of their videos have been featured on the Dutch radio station Radio Parkstad's “Beatles Forever” broadcast. One of their most popular videos, a cover of Strawberry Fields Forever, with over 140.000 views, has been used in school projects and featured in a show by comedian Ed Aczel, sponsored by the UK video-on-demand and streaming service NextUp Comedy.

Currently the Ladders continue to perform the Beatles' greatest hits across Italy ad beyond, entertaining audiences in various settings, including live clubs, open-air events, theaters, festivals, theme parties, radio and TV performances, private parties and Weddings. For any information just send a message.

Massimo Gerini

Massimo GeriniMassimo Gerini

With The Ladders, I portray the role of John Lennon. In over 20 years of live performances, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists, including Ian Paice of Deep Purple as a vocalist. I teach singing at the Lizard music academies and hold diplomas from CET di Mogol and the West University of London. I also have qualifications as a sound technician for both live and studio settings.

Brizio Romagnoli

Brizio RomagnoliBrizio Romagnoli

With The Ladders, I portray the role of Paul McCartney. I sing and play bass as my main instrument, and I also play guitar and piano when needed. I have over 20 years of musical experience and have played hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad as a bassist, guitarist, and singer. I have a passion for Beatles-inspired musical instruments and also enjoy navigating the realms of computer graphics and music video production.

Riccardo Scarponi

Riccardo ScarponiRiccardo Scarponi

Guitar has been my passion since I was a teenager. I can't explain the feeling I get when I hold one in my hands: it's as if every note it produces makes me feel more alive. With The Ladders, I portray the voice and guitar of George Harrison. In my nearly thirty-year career as a musician, I've had the opportunity to perform in various musical genres, from Blues, Soul, Country & Western, to Classic Rock, Pop, and Hard Rock. I love how English bands manage to blend catchy melodies with profound and meaningful lyrics. For me, the British sound is an exciting and unique experience that I can't wait to interpret every night.

Mauro Cimarra

Mauro CimarraMauro Cimarra

With The Ladders, I portray Ringo Starr, a drummer who is sometimes underestimated but has left a mark on the history of our instrument and how music is perceived by professionals and non-professionals alike! I have a degree in percussion from the conservatory and have dabbled in various musical languages, with jazz and improvisation being my main focus. I've had the opportunity to share music with Franco Cerri, M. Morganti, V. Johnson, D. J. Martin, N. Barbieri, R. Baas, among others. I have released 9 albums under various national labels.

Gabriele Chiappa

Gabriele ChiappaGabriele Chiappa

As we all know, the Beatles were a quartet. But what would they be without orchestral parts, acoustic and electric pianos, organs, and all the instruments that contributed to their success? And here I am, thanks to a long background as a keyboardist and vocalist, developed in various formations ranging from Country, Blues, Rock, Funky to Progressive, to integrate the sonic realism down to the very last beat. I am an expert in computer science and a sound design enthusiast. However, when it's time to rock and roll, pure and unrestrained passion takes the stage.


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