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  • Massimo Gerini (John)
  • Brizio Romagnoli (Paul)
  • Riccardo Scarponi (George)
  • Mauro Cimarra (Ringo)
  • Gabriele Chiappa (special guest Billy Preston)

ABOUT USAbout us

The Ladders is a Beatles tribute band formed in 2010 by professional musicians with experience throughout Italy and abroad. Over the years, and hundreds of concerts, the band had the opportunity to perform in numerous Beatles events and historical places. Among these we mention Salso Meets The Beatles Festival in Salsomaggiore Terme as headliner. At Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa in Rome as special guests of the “Fab Four Night” in 2017, for the “New Year's Eve with the Beatles” 2019 and hosted in the same room given to the Beatles during their only tour in the Italian capital in 1965. Also the Geronimo's Pub in Rome use to have them as guests. They played at Coverland festival in Porto San Giorgio, at CaterRaduno 2022 promoted by the Caterpillar broadcast on Radio2, Beatlesenigallia 2022 and many more, up to the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool!

The Ladders also produced many video-covers on Youtube, and their channel is gaining followers worldwide. Some videos has been chosen for an entire episode of the “Beatles Forever” broadcast on the Dutch radio station Radio Parkstad. One of their most popular videos (Strawberry Fields Forever, with over 140.000 views) has been used for some school projects and has also been chosen by the English “NextUp Comedy” for the show of the comedian Ed Aczel.

Currently the Ladders continue to perform the Beatles' greatest masterpieces throughout Italy ad beyond with concerts in live clubs, open air events, theaters, festivals, theme parties, radio-TV performances, private parties and Weddings. For any information just send a message ;)


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