Live GigsLive Gigs

With their attention to period instruments, clothes, arrangements, and much more, The Ladders aim to faithfully recreate the sound of the legendary 1960s and that atmosphere of spontaneity and madness that only true rock 'n' roll can unleash. We're talking about the same atmosphere that drove audiences wild in British dance halls during the early Beatles era, as well as the one in which the more mature Beatles revolutionized the entire modern music scene […]

Special EventsSpecial Events

Music is a crucial element in creating an atmosphere, adding color, and defining the style of your most important day. With a special setlist that goes beyond just the Beatles, The Ladders will assist you in choosing the ideal solutions to make your special event truly unique […]

The Ladders to the ToppermostToppermost

From the beginning to the last show. From the depths of the hot and vibrant Cavern Club in Liverpool, all the way up, literally on the rooftops of London. The Beatles' climb to the top has been incredible. It was a journey toward a success never seen before. And every step of this ladder is represented by The Ladders in a theatrical show that retraces the musical journey of the four lads who shook the world.



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