Fender Rhodes Electric Piano

It's the electric piano that Billy Preston (nicknamed 'The Ruler of the Rhodes' by Music Radar magazine) plays in the historic Beatles rooftop concert. You can also hear it in the single “Get Back/Don't Let Me Down”…

The Fender Rhodes is a specific type of electric piano. Invented in the 1940s by Harold Rhodes and later acquired by Fender in the 1950s, it has an action similar to that of a traditional piano. However, instead of metal strings, the hammers strike metal tines, connected to electromagnetic pickups. The Fender Rhodes gained popularity starting in the late 1960s, especially after the Rooftop Concert, the historic final Beatles concert on the roof of Apple Records in London on January 30, 1969. During this concert, Billy Preston played a 1968 Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano 73 Mark 1 Sparkle Top (amplified with its built-in 50-watt amp and speaker cabinet base) in songs like Get Back, Don't Let Me Down, I've Got a Feeling and many others.

In the photo: a Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three Mark II Vintage. Here it is, along with another one, in the video for Get Back.


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